Samsung's new technology allows users to watch TV and the second screen simultaneously.

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, we saw some interesting interactive screens—one of our 10 Trends for 2012—that turn windows into information hubs. Samsung demonstrated the Smart Window, a transparent touch screen that fits windows up to 46 inches; it allows users to watch TV, view tweets, check the weather and, when they’re ready to hit the hay, make the window opaque, blocking out light. While in-car apps have been available for some time, Mercedez-Benz is taking this a step further with a prototype gesture-controlled windshield called the Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience. Drivers simply point at icons on the transparent heads-up display, and the screen provides augmented reality information (for example, identifying landmarks as the car passes them); it can even make restaurant reservations. Audi demonstrated a similar system, also controlled by gesture. With Corning and others pioneering new types of interactive glass, expect these displays to eventually become integrated into our daily routines.

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