The 90 year old fashion icon has her own new MAC line.

As demographic and cultural changes, along with medical advances, help to shift attitudes, people are redefining when “old age” occurs and what the term means—with people of all ages taking a more positive view of growing older. We’re calling this trend Celebrating Aging (it’s among the 10 we spotlighted for 2012), and our year-end trend report spotlights a range of interesting examples in marketing. The latest, launching today, is a MAC cosmetics collaboration with 90-year-old style standout Iris Apfel.

The collection is inspired by colors favored by Apfel, a longtime interior and textile designer who’s come into the spotlight in her twilight years. Among other things, she appeared in a 2008 Coach ad campaign and did a jewelry collection for HSN. And (as reported last August by The New York Times) she will be the focus of an Albert Maysles documentary, following a cameo in the Bill Cunningham doc in 2010.

More than ever, marketers will need to discard old assumptions around how consumers think about their own age and that of their elders—and we’ll see brands widen their criteria for models and spokespeople, moving further away from the pretty young things and toward role models, sex symbols and others from every generation with depth and texture.