Are men feeling more left out than women?

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is an age-old phenomenon that’s exploded with the onset of real-time, location-based and social media tools. Though women’s propensity for sharing and socializing might lead to the conclusion that the fairer sex suffers from FOMO most acutely, our research suggests otherwise.


In a January survey of 768 adults and 60 teens in the U.S we found that social media appears to leave American men more prone than women to FOMO. For instance, 38% said they feel somewhat or very left out when they see via social media that their peers are doing something they’re not, compared with 26% of women. American men are also more likely to feel they’re missing out when they learn from social media that friends or peers are buying something they’re not or finding out information before they do.

Marketers looking to tap into FOMO will need to understand the different gender dynamics at work here. For more on FOMO and how brands can escalate or help ease it, download our full report here,  as well as our data visualization here.