Kit Kat is having artists draw pictures of people from around the world.

In our 10 Trends for 2011 report, we noted that the rise of Hyper-Personalization would mean more campaigns focused around individual consumers, like the Old Spice Guy videos that responded to fans who tweeted at him. “It’s all about you,” in other words, and two recent initiatives offer new, fun ways to execute the approach.

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Kit Kat, whose marketing revolves around the concept of taking a break, held a Live Global Break over Facebook each Friday in March during which four artists drew caricatures based on photos submitted by people worldwide. (JWT Milan launched the event.) Consumers had to “like” the brand to enter and were encouraged to share their caricatures, which can be seen via Kit Kat’s BreakTimeFriday Facebook app. Pepsi is also using Facebook as a platform, to personalize the taste test concept for its new Pepsi Next product. The idea is that comedians will impersonate the consumer in question (potential subjects sign up on Facebook) and sample the beverage on their behalf. “We’ll analyze their Facebook persona,” Pepsi’s head of digital, Shiv Singh, told Mashable. “It will be very close to who they actually are.” A dozen improv actors will participate in a five-day shoot.

While these types of campaigns can focus only on a tiny sampling of consumers, the hyper-personalized effort is likely to spur widespread sharing and help forge more personal connections to the brand.