This phone is only available to consumers between 18-22.

Defining a brand by what it is not is as important as defining what it is. New mobile network brand 48, created by O2 in Ireland, is singular in stating clearly who they’re after and suggesting you move along and try another brand if you’re outside those parameters. 48, the number of months between the ages of 18 and 22, is aimed solely at Millennials in that range.

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48 blatantly sets itself up as an aspirational rite of passage, a club to which you’re granted membership if you meet the criteria. So rather than simply buy mobile phone credits, customers pay a monthly “membership” fee of 10 euros (which includes unlimited calls to a mobile network but only 20 minutes of landline calls, since “landlines are for losers”). It is a brand that lives completely online—there are no shops or call centers, and they say with a wink, “You are big enough now to get them on the website, aren’t you?”—so costs are cut, and savings are passed onto the young consumers.

The slick advertising promotes an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and there’s a strong focus on the sexual escapades that 18-22s embark on. 48 sets itself up as a club that understands your specific state of mind at this specific time, and it wants to help you go conquer, explore, exploit before facing the seriousness of life. And when that becomes inevitable, O2 will surely give 48 customers plenty of incentives to transition to the company’s other offerings. So 02 is not only capturing a specific market share but striking up a relationship that can evolve as the customers’ needs change.