The more people embrace social media, the worse they feel about themselves.

Social media now permeates our lives—even our most intimate moments—and it seems that even those who embrace it the most (Millennials) may feel worse for it. JWT Singapore surveyed 900 consumers aged 19 to 26 in China, Singapore and the U.S. to understand their attitudes toward social media, finding that more than half feel that keeping up with their social media commitments is too time consuming and stressful. This results in a fear of missing out (FOMO)—for example, 72 percent of working Singaporeans feel left out in the real world if they don’t check social media, according to the findings.

Perhaps in an attempt to deal with FOMO, some young adults bring their social networks into previously intimate moments with a partner or date. More than 1 in 10, for instance, log on while in bed with their partner. The effect, however, may simply be more stress. More than half feel jealous or otherwise bad after glimpsing other people’s lives on social sites.

To address social media stress, brands can help ease, aid or even induce FOMO to drive engagement. For Kit Kat, JWT Singapore created a Social Break desktop widget that helps people “tune out from the stress of social networking whenever you feel you need a break,” automatically sharing, retweeting or liking whenever a user is tagged in a post. For more on FOMO and how brands can address it, download our March trend report here.