A Brazilian app integrates Monopoly and Foursquare.

Estrela, one of Brazil’s biggest toy manufacturers and responsible for the Monopoly franchise in the country, has created a novel app for the game that integrates Monopoly with Foursquare. Anyone who checks in to a place on Foursquare can buy the property, competing and making arrangement with friends, as in the game board. For the bank role, Estrela partnered with Itaú, one of the biggest banks in Brazil, providing a fake account for users.

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The pairing seems obvious in hindsight, since the process for each is almost the same: The player has to occupy a space to buy it or get a badge. The difference between them was that one involved physical space and one a virtual spot (on the game board). The app, dubbed Banco Imobiliário, cleverly brings this classic game into the real world and blends the digital and physical realms in a clever way. —Marina Bortoluzzi