Gen Z will be uniquely entrepreneurial like Gen Y.

Millennials are finding opportunity in economic adversity and developing a uniquely entrepreneurial mindset, a trend we’ve termed Generation Go. The next generation, Gen Z, will also be uniquely entrepreneurial. “I think more kids want to affect the world and start something. A lot of kids don’t want to be a salaried worker,” 15-year-old Jason Li recently told The Huffington Post. Li, a Californian who started a company that refurbishes and sells used electronics, recently won the Next Teen Tycoon contest sponsored by email marketing company VerticalResponse.

One sign of this entrepreneurial urge is the rise of computer camps, which have come a long way since their early days of Basic language and room-sized computers. They’re now a haven for hip teens looking to become the next Mark Zuckerberg. Found all over the U.S., but naturally with a high prevalence in Silicon Valley, they offer kids classes in everything from game creation to robotics. The Teens in Tech incubator goes even further, with an eight-week program that takes teens through the ins and outs of creating a startup (the program is free, but Teens in Tech takes a 5-7 percent stake in anything developed at the camp). This summer’s session will be the second go-round. “Our goal is to bring the experience of being an entrepreneur and starting a company to ambitious young people with a passion for making a difference,” explains the website.