Nike gets into gamifcation by incentivizing good behavior in consumers.

One way in which gamification, one of our 10 Trends for 2011, is manifesting today is brands incentivizing good behavior in consumers through tangible rewards. Nike’sBid Your Sweat,” an award-winning effort from JWT Mexico, demonstrated that every runner’s effort counts: An online auction let participants bid on the brand’s products using the kilometers they had tracked with a Nike+ account. More recently, enhanced-water brand Activate opened a pop-up store in Los Angeles where consumers can get bottles of the beverage by paying with calories burned, a promotion in conjunction with the Get America Fit Foundation.

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In Canada, the reward company LoyaltyOne runs AIR MILES for Social Change, which rewards eco-friendly behavior in a partnership with government agencies, utilities, transit providers and NGOs. Miles can be earned through riding the bus, signing up for renewable gas, buying compact fluorescent light bulbs and so on. And IBM has obtained a patent for a computerized system that tracks eating patterns and rewards healthy choices. (With health insurance costs rising, numerous employers already provide financial incentives for employees to slim down.)

Putting a dollar amount on positive behavior is an innovative way to connect consumers with brands, motivating people to take steps that benefit themselves or others and making them feel even better about doing so.