Spiking food prices, offbeat ice cream, foreign workers in China

-The Financial Times reports on rising fears about the impact of spiking food prices, especially in developing countries.

USA Today reports on a new study examining the life stage dubbed “emerging adulthood,” as well as a study that finds more 20- and even 30-something Americans are moving back in with their parents.

Newsweek reports on tensions in China over an influx of foreign workers and what some see as rising xenophobia.

-Despite the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee, more Britons are dealing with “national gloom” by drowning their sorrows, reports Newsweek

-The recession has accelerated the aging of Britain’s workforce, according to The Economist, as more people postpone retirement.

Reuters examines the online gray market in India for Western fashion brands that haven’t officially entered the market.

-More companies are using social media as “extensions of market research departments,” reports The New York Times. And The Wall Street Journal reports on how businesses are using bad online reviews to improve everything from product flaws to confusing instructions.

-Brands that target teen girls are using texting as a marketing tool, and it appears to be working, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-“Compassionate consumerism” is on the rise, says Businessweek, which takes a look at whether altruistic retailing strategies can be effective.

USA Today outlines some of the ways that big and small businesses have been embracing game principles.

-An Ad Age columnist argues that “a new wave of ‘native’ advertising is emerging that fits with today’s social, connected web experience.”

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how advertisers are responding to YouTube’s 100 or so new video channels.

-Machine-to-machine communication is on the rise, reports The New York Times.

ReadWriteWeb covers a report that finds investment in digital health is skyrocketing.

-A GigaOM columnist makes the case that tablets will begin to replace smartphones within a half-dozen years.

ReadWriteWeb takes a look at how “Social Discovery Is Pushing Search and Social Closer.”

-ABI Research forecasts that almost a quarter of e-commerce will be m-commerce within five years, according to MediaPost.

Nielsen analyzes the rapid growth of the connected television, or IPTV, in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal reports that companies in China are embracing social media as a recruitment tool.

-Stand-up paddleboarding is “today’s hottest aquatic sport,” reports the Los Angeles Times, along with floating yoga (one of our 100 Things to Watch in 2012).

-Greek yogurt is only getting more popular, says USA Today.

-Ice cream has been getting more adventurous, with offbeat flavors filtering into the mainstream, reports Time.

-Is teff the next quinoa? The Washington Post spotlights the rise of this grain found in Ethiopian cuisine.

-Marrakech is seeing a luxury hotel boom, but it’s unclear whether there will be enough demand for the rooms, reports the Financial Times.

-Hotel gift shops are getting a facelift, evolving into “lifestyle stores” tailored to each property and destination, reports USA Today.

-A CNN writer asks, “Has image overtaken music?”

Reuters says that as heat waves grip Japan, men are turning to parasols, normally used only by women as a way to stay cooler.