62 percent of consumers use social media while watching TV.

Our recent trend report “10 Ways Marketers Are Using the Second Screen” examined how brands can tap into consumers’ rising tendency to multitask on digital devices while watching TV. Yet another survey confirms this trend, with a 12-country Ericsson study finding that 62 percent of consumers use social media while watching TV each week, a jump of 18 points year-over-year. TV networks have been embracing second-screen content—among them, NBC for the Summer Olympics and ABC News with a social feed tied to the political conventions—and brands are slowly testing the waters as well.

Currently, for the U.S. Open, IBM is “Shazam-enabling” the weekend CBS broadcasts so that viewers using the app can get real-time scores, player profiles and other content. Shazaming the IBM spots lets viewers “learn more about how IBM can help you build a better brand,” and for one commercial, Shazam opens up a video about how the ad was produced. As the holiday season approaches, watch for creative second-screen ideas to pop up with increasing frequency.