Latin America is an emerging tech powerhouse, American ‘tifo,’ an uptick in American inequality

-Latin America is the “next emerging tech powerhouse,” according to an All Things D blogger.

-New U.S. Census figures for 2011 show a dip in median income and a further uptick in income inequality, as The Guardian reports. And the Pew Center reports that one-third of Americans now considers themselves to be in the lower classes, up from one-quarter only four years ago.

The Atlantic looks at how cities are utilizing social sentiment analysis, turning the Internet into “the new town hall.”

-The Pew Research Center’s “Photos and Videos as Social Currency Online” report looks at the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, along with consumer “creators” and “curators.”

Fast Company’s Mark Schaefer boldly makes the case that social influence scoring services such as Klout are of “historic importance.”

eMarketer takes a look at apps and the issue of mobile privacy.

-Instagram gains adherents, but Facebook is losing steam, reports MediaPost.

-Amid the iPhone 5 hoopla, The Wall Street Journal reports that the Blackberry still rules in many emerging markets, where it’s a “status symbol and pop-culture icon of choice.”

Slate wonders whether the App Economy can improve the U.S. job market.

-When it comes to kids toys, gender roles are still firmly ingrained, according to a new study, reports Ad Age.

Slate looks at the multibillion-dollar industry of gender selection among American parents.

The Atlantic reports on how sports teams and operators of sporting arenas are making efforts to curb their environmental impact.

-Big retail chains are leading the way in business use of rooftop solar power in the U.S., reports The New York Times.

Businessweek discusses how Hollywood is revamping revenue models to fit in the digital age.

The New York Times takes a look at the enduring appeal of paper in the office.

-More Western automakers are reinstituting graveyard shifts, The Economist reports.

Businessweek looks at the demand for luxury cars in Russia, which is slated to pass Germany as Europe’s largest luxury car market by 2014.

-An academic study finds that Facebook can affect voter turnout, with “implications far beyond voting,” The New York Times reports.

Businessweek outlines why the new iPhone 5 spells trouble for the point-and-shoot camera industry.

-McDonald’s announced plans to post calorie counts across the U.S.

-Steak is staging a comeback in the U.K., reports The Guardian.

-Japanese whiskey is gaining momentum in America, according to The New York Times

-New York City officially bans sales of oversized sugary drink sales.

The Atlantic looks at one effort to bring psychiatry to some of the most rural parts of India.

-America’s budget airlines are attempting to expand into Latin America, according to The New York Times.

-American soccer games are seeing more “tifo” moments—the fan-created spectacles common in Europe and Latin America—reports The Wall Street Journal.

USA Today spotlights the rise of “natural” swimming pools.