A new Mercedes campaign is captivating Britons.

Advertising is getting increasingly real-time as well as more interactive. For instance, in April, a trailer for Prometheus on Channel 4 in the U.K. asked viewers to tweet the hashtag #areyouseeingthis; during the next commercial break, a spot showcased some of the resulting tweets. A new Mercedes campaign in the U.K. for its A-Class vehicle, targeting younger consumers, took this idea a step further. Two 60-second spots airing on consecutive commercial breaks during X Factor laid out a story about a musician and his sidekick racing to get to a secret gig. Viewers were invited to suggest the outcome of the scenario by tweeting their opinions with the hashtag #YOUDRIVE. The next night, a 90-second ad aired that included footage from the first two spots, plus the ending selected by viewers.

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The ads also directed viewers to a YouTube channel where they could view alternate endings and create a customized version of the spot. By fueling social conversations, rather than inserting themselves into the social thread, brands have the opportunity to better connect with consumers.