Shoppable videos allow viewers to simply click through to order goods.

A range of marketers have created shoppable videos, which allow viewers to simply click through to order goods. Most recently, Target launched a 12-minute film featuring actresses Kristen Bell and Nia Long alongside some of the retailer’s fashion, beauty and home products (purportedly the first time viewers can shop for or share products without interrupting the video). Now, taking this concept into real time, we’re starting to see shoppable live streams.

For London Fashion Week in September, Topshop partnered with Facebook to broadcast its runway show, with viewers able to share clothes and accessories on the social network as well as order them directly. The goods were promised within eight weeks, well before the fashions arrive in stores. Topshop said 2 million people watched the live stream and that some items sold out before the show concluded. Currently under way, Singapore’s Digital Fashion Week is billed as the world’s first “live streaming only” fashion week, with online viewers able to buy fashions they see on the models.