The U.K. is for Obama.

Britons are big Obama fans, as JWT London confirmed in an October survey of 178 U.K. citizens conducted using JWT SONAR™, our proprietary online tool. A wide majority said they would vote for the current president (85 percent), almost 8 in 10 believe an Obama win would be better for Europe, and 60 percent chose Obama when asked to select the best political leader from among all the current major American and British politicians. As the chart shows, few Britons ascribe positive characteristics to Romney. “’It’s a black and white picture we are painting, straight out of Hollywood: superhero versus super-villain,” observes JWT London. As the agency notes, this perception was only fueled by Romney’s questioning whether London could host a successful Olympics and the British media’s love of lampooning the Republican candidate.

Britons still view the U.S. as the world’s most influential nation, or at least a slim majority do (54 percent), while almost 8 in 10 say that if nations were schoolchildren in the global playground, they would make friends with the U.S. before any other country. Still, 85 percent say the U.K. should be focusing on building strong relationships with countries other than the U.S., especially China (67 percent). Meanwhile, if Obama doesn’t win a second term, suggests JWT London, “you can always cross the pond and forge a political career here.”