Brands are finding ways to support Millennials’ entrepreneurialism.

Many twentysomethings in the developed world are finding opportunity in economic adversity, transforming into a uniquely resourceful cohort we dubbed Generation Go as part of our 10 Trends for 2012. And increasingly brands are finding ways to support Millennials’ entrepreneurialism. In the U.S., Scion is promoting “Motivate,” a program designed to help young business owners in the creative arts community succeed. The Toyota brand will send 50 applicants to a three-day event, where they will meet mentors and business advisers and learn basic skills. Then Scion will select 10 winners to receive $10,000 and a Scion vehicle, along with continued access to mentors. An ad explains, “If you’ve already started turning your passion into your profession, we can help you take it to the next level.”

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In Israel, which reportedly has the most startups per capita, American Express has launched The Young Professionals Project to promote its Blue card. The company invited people under age 33 to apply; nine winners will receive mentorship, meetings with Amex’s media consultants and $3,000 grants. As part of the yearlong project, Amex is also sponsoring events for cardholders—networking parties and talks by noted entrepreneurs—for cardholders and their guests at Tel Aviv pubs.

Scion and Amex are advancing their brands among young consumers by tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit, showing sympathy and relevancy with concrete tools and solutions.