An app by McDonnald's for the Australian market tracks its supply chain.

As noted in our food trend report, we’re seeing a surge in disclosure about the farm‐to‐fork journey and the people behind it, thanks in part to the rising preference for local and more natural foods. McDonald’s is particularly focused on this (e.g., showcasing suppliers on its website, giving documentary filmmakers access to its operations in Australia, showing food styling at a Canadian photo shoot). Now, the brand is touting TrackMyMacca’s, an augmented reality iPhone app for the Australian market that brings McDonald’s’ supply chain to life.

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The app uses image recognition software and GPS data (to detect which restaurant the user is in) to find real-time sourcing info for ingredients in several popular items. AR then brings the data to life, with background info on the bakers, farmers and fishermen who supply the ingredients. Tools like this can help big brands showcase the human stories and relatively simple processes (read: not overly industrialized) behind the mass production.