Our latest report from the Mobile World Congress.

For the second year, JWTIntelligence attended the GSMA’s massive Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in late February, and has outlined key takeaways in a full-length report. “13 Mobile Trends for 2013 and Beyond” includes multiple examples for each trend and implications for brands.

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This year’s MWC again broke an attendance record, attracting some 72,000 network operators, manufacturers, developers and many other players looking to profit from an industry growing at a dizzying pace. Consider that tablets, on the market for just three years, are expected to outsell PCs this year. Smartphones are starting to dominate, with close to a billion forecast to sell this year. And the GSMA forecasts 3.9 billion global subscribers by 2017, 700 million more than in 2012.

Already the mobile is moving well beyond its role as a phone and even as a communication device more broadly, becoming an enabler for a wide range of experiences from TV viewing to shopping to banking. In this respect, the mobile is evolving into a primary screen for consumers. To glimpse the future, look no further than Gen Z, the generation weaned on mobile screens: They are “growing up with an understanding that you can click and find, click and know, click and buy,” observes Paul Berney of the Mobile Marketing Association, one of the experts we interviewed for the report. As mobile so central to our lives, the platform will soon become “the starting point” for brands, not an add-on or siloed initiative, as Pete Blackshaw, Nestlé’s global head of digital marketing and social media, predicted at one session.

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