Peer Power, Predictive Personalization and Hyper-Personalization are influencing the travel category.

Our April trend report examines how some of our macro trends—Peer Power, Predictive Personalization and Hyper-Personalization—are influencing the travel category.

As the peer-to-peer marketplace expands in size and scope, it will increasingly upend the hospitality, tourism and transportation industries. For an overview of this new sector, we spotlight 20-plus services focused on P2P lodging, experiences and transportation. While these companies may be expanding the market for travel, they are also putting the squeeze on traditional service providers. With the peer-powered economy about to reach critical mass, we look at how established brands can maintain their ground or even find new opportunities.

Another trend starting to reshape the travel sector is the rise of hyper-personalization: Today’s travelers expect highly personalized experiences and customer service—thanks in part to the rise of customization and personalized suggestions online—and the industry is starting to deliver on this expectation, armed with Big Data and insights gleaned from social media. We look at some ways in which brands are fine-tuning offerings around individual customers, and what this development means for marketers.

The report also spotlights Millennial travelers, whose adventurous and social approach to travel is influencing the travel industry in a number of ways, and includes 20-plus Things to Watch in travel, from Holographic Concierges to Transient Hotels.

“Travel: Changing Course” builds on our “Rebooting Travel” report from 2011, which focuses on the tech-enabled traveler. Read about that report here. Also find our latest report on Slideshare, here.