Amazon has moved into the Men's Grooming business.

Earlier this month, Amazon launched a Men’s Grooming shop, featuring both mass and high-end brands in categories including skin care, body care and hair care. The site has a distinct black-and-white design and includes how-to editorial content from Men’s Fitness. Men’s grooming products are one of the beauty industry’s fastest-growing segments, with global revenues rising by an average of 6 percent a year since 2006—reaching almost $33 billion in 2011—according to Euromonitor International. In the U.S., Mintel forecasts that men’s toiletries sales will be a $3.2 billion market by 2016, a $1 billion increase from 2006. Even as the term “metrosexual” has faded away, men are increasingly image-conscious, and any stigma around using such products is rapidly diminishing.