A plurality of nations survey still have misgivings about China.

As we note in our “Remaking ‘Made in China’” report, Chinese brands looking to expand abroad will have to reshape consumers’ perception of the “Made in China” moniker. A recent 39-country study from the Pew Research Center confirms that China has significant hurdles to overcome if it is to win the hearts and minds of consumers. While majorities or pluralities in 23 of the nations surveyed perceive China as either the current or future leading superpower, it is generally viewed less favorably than the U.S. A median of 63 percent expressed a favorable opinion of the U.S., vs. 50 percent for China. And while 59 percent said they view the U.S. as a partner, only 39 percent said the same of China.

As this chart shows, Asia, Latin America and Africa are most likely to view China favorably (although the percentages still fall short of favorable feelings toward the U.S.). Among other things, flourishing trade partnerships between these emerging markets may contribute to more positive views. For recommendations on how Chinese brands can overcome negative perceptions of China, download “Remaking ‘Made in China’” here.