New hotel concepts are catering to Millennials' tastes.

As we noted in our April trend report, “Travel: Changing Course,” brands are responding to the growing power of Millennials in the travel marketplace by creating new hotel concepts with youthful guests in mind. Commune Hotels & Resorts, for instance, recently unveiled Tommie, a cheap-chic spinoff of the popular Thompson Hotels that’s set to open in New York City by 2015. In addition to free Wi-Fi galore, the hotel’s chief appeal will be communal spaces (dubbed Reading Rooms), specialized programming and casual dining experiences rather than plush guest quarters.

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Marriott, meanwhile, plans to expand its Millennial-targeted, Europe-based AC Hotels brand to the U.S. and the rest of the Americas. The brand, which launched in 2011, already has 79 outposts across Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. “We have identified an industry void among consumers who are connected, communal and curious with an urban spirit and desire a design-focused hotel brand that is widely distributed,” said global brand officer Brian King in a press release. This represents the second Millennial-focused push by Marriott this year: Moxy, a partnership with Ikea, was announced back in March.

These new hotels speak to the way Millennials travel: with the expectation of constant connectivity, savvy design and communal spaces, an important feature for consumers who view hotels as places to meet people and partners.