What are the dreams and desires of Millennials in the Middle East and North Africa?

Millennials plan and make decisions much faster than older generations, but in the uncertain times the Middle East and North Africa is facing, what exactly are their dreams and desires when it comes to forging their future? JWT MENA’s Brand Intelligence team asked 180 Arabs aged 18 to 35 in six key markets a range of insightful “Would you rather…” questions to find out.

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The findings show that Arab Millennials are evolving from “Material Collectors” to “Experience Collectors,” where the journey is more interesting than the arrival point. The result? An “Experience Economy” in which Arab Millennials are seeking things that disrupt the status quo, or inspire them. To engage MENA’s Millennials, however, requires rethinking the paradigms of “experience,” because this generation has the motivation and determination to make things happen but not the money to do so. In addition, the “emotional void” of their digital world means they are actively seeking out real emotional experiences that provide stimulation rather than escape. 

To better understand the motivations and driving forces behind this behavioral shift and what it means for brands, check out JWT MENA’s “Summer Voltage” report on SlideShare.