Vitaminwater's new campaign connects European teens with one of six creative professionals.

Generation Go, one of our 10 Trends for 2012, explores the idea that Millennials are adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in response to economic uncertainty or discontent with the status quo. Look no further than the new Millennial Trains Project, for instance. Brands have started championing this trend, and back in November we posted about how Scion and American Express were tapping into young entrepreneurialism. More recently, Coca-Cola Co. brand Glacéau Vitaminwater launched the #Shinebright campaign to connect European teens (winners of #Shinebright challenges) with one of six professionals in music, photography, food, design or fashion for one-on-one workshops and collaborative projects—providing firsthand experience in an entrepreneurial role. For example, winners have the chance to work with fashion label founder Mikey Trapstar to promote their designs in a London pop-up store or “learn how to kickstart your style brand” with Danish entrepreneur Trine Kjaer.

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In a recent TelefónicaFinancial Times survey of more than 12,000 Millennials in 27 countries, 68 percent of respondents “believe they have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur in their own country or develop and bring an idea to the market.” And a smaller global study by Millennial Branding and oDesk found that 38 percent of Millennials would recommend pursuing a “promising startup opportunity” over completing a college degree, while 53 percent view being an entrepreneur as “an entirely good thing,” as the Miami Herald recently reported.