Looking at the endurance of physical mail in the digital era.

In our new trend report on “The Future of Correspondence,” we take a look at the endurance of physical mail at a time when people have a constantly broadening range of ways to communicate, from texts and emails to tweets and Snapchats. People assign widely different values to these different media, as we determined in a survey conducted using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool. When respondents matched personality traits with communication tools, they characterized digital tools like texts and instant messages as substantially more spontaneous and fun than both electronic and physical mail. By contrast, physical letters are perceived as more authentic, as well as kind and friendly, than digital messages.

As we become ever more immersed in the digital world, we’ll be seeking various counterpoints—physical correspondence will thus endure as a uniquely valued form of communication that’s deeper and much more meaningful than the alternatives. To read more about this trend, download the report here or browse it on SlideShare.