Globally, 71 percent of people report feeling anxious.

Globally, 71 percent of people report feeling anxious, according to recently published research by JWT’s AnxietyIndex. As part of its most extensive study of consumer anxiety to date, AnxietyIndex surveyed 6,075 adults aged 18-plus in 27 markets using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online research tool.

Who’s suffering the most? Pakistan, where more than 90 percent feel anxious and nearly 6 in 10 report feeling very nervous or anxious. Spain is only slightly less anxious than Pakistan, and fellow Europeans in France and Italy are also on edge; by contrast, Germany and Finland are cruising along, with a majority not feeling anxious. In North America, the U.S. lands in the midsection of the spectrum, with Americans much more anxious than relatively relaxed Canadians.

The key drivers of anxiety range from close-to-home concerns such as the cost of living to broader topics like climate change and political leadership. To read more about the levels, intensity and drivers of anxiety around the world, browse the AnxietyIndex 2013 Global Report on SlideShare or download it here.