Millennials in Brazil, Russia, India and China have come of age during a unique time.

A dozen years after the term BRIC was coined, we decided to zone in on the generation that will be defining the future of these markets, which together comprise around 40 percent of the global population. Millennials in Brazil, Russia, India and China have come of age during a unique time, with their countries experiencing both unprecedented growth and the repercussions of a worldwide slowdown; globalization; and the digital revolution. This generation will call on their distinct set of experiences and tools as they help to shape nations that, as one bullish forecast suggests, could together overtake the G7 economies in less than 15 years.


Our latest trend report spotlights findings from a July 2013 survey of 18- to 35-year-olds conducted in Brazil, Russia, India and China using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool. It also includes input from JWT planners in the BRIC markets. “Meet the BRIC Millennials” explores themes we’ve examined in the context of Millennials globally—including personal finances, stress, changing gender roles, social good and social media—as well as issues especially relevant to BRIC nations. Among them: tradition vs. modernization, urbanization and national pride. 

Millennials are regarded as the first global generation, with more overlapping values and shared experiences than any before them. As our wide-ranging study details, in some respects Millennials across BRIC markets are very closely aligned, while in others they diverge wildly in their outlook thanks to unique national conditions and traditions. We spotlight those commonalities and differences, along with some case studies that show how brands are responding to these increasingly influential young consumers.

Click here to download the full report or browse the Executive Summary below.

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