Who needs 15 minutes? The next generation of celebrities needs only six seconds.

Who needs 15 minutes? The next generation of celebrities needs only six seconds (running in a continuous loop) to make their mark. Eight-month-old Vine, Twitter’s social video platform, has become the latest go-to for finding influencers and otherwise marketable personalities, as CNET reports.

Trident gum recently launched a six-second spot on the Fuse network that’s basically a Vine featuring Brooklyn musicians Nicholas Megalis (who has some 2.7 million followers on Vine) and Rudy Mancuso (1.9 million followers), singing a jingle. Virgin Mobile hired Viners including Magalis and Mancuso, Ry Doon and Qpark to spread awareness of a contest to feature the micro-videos as campaign fodder. Meanwhile, Relativity Media recruited Vine bigwigs to stalk the premiere of its movie The Family, to catch videos of the film’s stars; MTV took a similar approach for the recent Video Music Awards.

Vine stars are becoming so big, brand consultant Gary Vaynerchuck has launched a talent agency, Grape Story, to represent them and other social video up-and-comers. Some marketers are hiring these Vine talents to create videos for the platform. Lowe’s, for instance, enlisted photographer and director Meagan Cignoli, as Ad Age reports. And for New York’s fashion week earlier this month, Kenneth Cole hired Cignoli, Jason Mante and others to capture moments before and during the runway show; plasma screens at the event then featured a live-streamed Vine mosaic.

Vine has racked up some 40 million users, while Instagram has also successfully dived into video this year, making social video the breakout platform for 2013.