BRIC Millennials feel a strong connection with peers across borders and cultures.

Millennials are the first global generation, sharing more values and traits than any cohort before them, thanks to a globalized economy and digital connectivity. Our recent research on BRIC Millennials confirmed that this cohort feels a strong connection with peers across borders and cultures.

For our recent trend report “Meet the BRIC Millennials,” we surveyed 1,640 Millennials (ages 18-35) in Brazil, Russia, China and India using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool. More than 7 in 10 feel that people around the world are more alike than different, while 6 in 10 say they have more in common with young people in other countries than older people at home. This notion is more than theoretical: Half of respondents (and as many as 64 percent of Indian Millennials) say they have friends all over the world.

As the world becomes even more interconnected, cultural exchange continues to broaden—a trend most Millennials embrace. Seven in 10 appreciate the influence of other cultures on their way of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean a weakening of national identity (last week we reported on how BRIC Millennials are balancing globalization with tradition). While around two-thirds of Indians and Brazilians see themselves as global citizens first and citizens of their homeland second, only about half of Chinese and Russian youth concur.

For more, download our report “Meet the BRIC Millennials” here or browse an abridged version on SlideShare.