A conversation on trends and technologies that will shape the near future.

Among the sessions at the recent 3% Conference in San Francisco was a conversation between our director of trendspotting, Ann Mack, and tech guru Guy Kawasaki on trends and technologies that will shape the near future.

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The conversation touched on several key trends we’ve outlined in recent years. The two discussed how mobile technology is changing the way we navigate the world. Mobile devices also serve as a fingerprint of sorts, storing health records, keys and an array of personal information in one place. The proliferation of biometric authentication, such as the fingerprint sensor in Apple’s iPhone 5S, will further drive this phenomenon. Meanwhile, wireless connectivity is being embedded in more products, from cars to watches to homes, ushering in a wave of Intelligent Objects.

Mack and Kawasaki also explored social media: how it’s affecting people’s perception of themselves and others, the explosion of the visual economy (Pinterest, Instagram, et al.) and what’s next. As a backlash to oversharing on social media, and as more people become fearful of the erosion of online privacy, they are Going Private in Public, as we’ve termed the trend. As Mack explained, “We still want to live private lives, but we’re finding creative ways to work the system or carve out private spaces.”

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Image credit: YouTube