Do today's kids need more nature in their lives?

One of our 100 Things to Watch in 2013 is Nature As Antidote, the idea that with urbanization rising around the world, more people will retreat to nature to escape the stressors of the city. Another driver of this trend will be our immersion in the digital world. A new U.K. film, Project Wild Thing, proposes that today’s kids spend too much time indoors, glued to their screens, and that they need more nature in their lives.

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In tandem with the film, The Wild Network brings together organizations focused on anything related to kids and “wildness, the outdoors, outdoor play, outdoor education, or nature” in a bid to get more youth to “swap some screen time for WildTime.” Watch for more efforts to get people young and old to connect with the natural world, or at the least, to spend more time outdoors.