Superheroes are becoming more diverse to reflect the world around them.

Today’s superheroes are fighting more than just villains. Marvel’s new character, a Muslim-American teen named Kamala Khan (dubbed Ms. Marvel), is the latest hero to diversify the world of comics. Khan is a 16-year-old living in New Jersey and dealing with typical superhero problems: keeping her powers a secret, feeling like an outcast—and dealing with the tensions that often come with being a Muslim in America. Khan is not the first hero to break from the standard mold. In 2011 Marvel introduced a half-black, half-Hispanic iteration of Spider-Man, and last year DC Comics announced that Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is gay.

Expect more revamping of super-worlds to better reflect the real world. When asked about the creation of Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s editor-in-chief said, “The Marvel Universe is best when it reflects the diversity of the world around it but sculpts a narrative that is universal.”

Image credit: Marvel Comics