Consumers increasingly want entertainment, narratives and brand experiences to be more enveloping.

This week we published our 2014 forecast of trends for the near future. Among our 10 Trends is Immersive Experiences: the idea that entertainment, narratives and brand experiences will become more enveloping in a bid to capture consumers’ imagination and attention. Going beyond interactive and multimedia environments, tech brands, retailers, marketers, theater producers and others are creating uniquely immersive experiences that allow participants to leave their “real” world behind.

A survey we conducted in November using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool, found a growing desire and appreciation for Immersive Experiences. More than 7 in 10 of the 1,003 American and British adults we polled said they like it when brands, products or entertainment producers actively attempt to capture their imagination. Nearly half said they put a priority on the “wow” factor when seeking entertainment experiences, and close to 6 in 10 said that increasingly they seek experiences that stimulate their senses. Millennials, followed by Gen Xers, are more inclined to make these assertions than Boomers.

As consumers increasingly seek escapist, amped-up and otherwise share-worthy experiences, marketers will have to harness an array of advanced tech tools and stretch their imaginations. To learn more about our 10 Trends for 2014, browse the Executive Summary on SlideShare or download the full report here.