Holodeck-type entertainment could be a decade away, the mocktail’s coming of age, 3D printing's evolution

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The Wall Street Journal explores the mocktail’s coming of age, one of our 100 Things to Watch in 2014.

The Guardian spotlights media trends and predictions for 2014 from 50 media and technology professionals, including our own Ann Mack.

McKinsey takes a look at how 3D printing is evolving and what this means for senior executives.

-With companies working to create truly immersive experiences, Holodeck-type entertainment could be just a decade away, reports The New York Times Bits blog.

-A BCG report on the luxury market finds that “the rich are increasingly hunting for unique objects and experiences, sometimes laced with the thrill of danger,” reports The Guardian.

-A new report concludes that almost half of Americans face “persistent economic insecurity,” living paycheck-to-paycheck, reports Time.

The Economist takes a look at mHealth and the businesses seeking to make health care better and cheaper using mobile tools.

-Live video chats are the latest in digital dating, reports USA Today.

-On HBR’s Blog Network, Michael Schrage explores “Big Data’s Dangerous New Era of Discrimination.”

Businessweek takes a look at experiments in 3D printing various types of food.

-French lawmakers and some restaurateurs are pushing back against the decline of fresh ingredients and the rise of industrialization, reports The New York Times.

-The BBC examines how “innovative technology challengers” are looking to disrupt the banking sector.

USA Today highlights some of the trends evident in this year’s Super Bowl ads.

The New York Times examines the advent of beacons that can transmit hyper-targeted messages to mobile phone users.

-Americans are growing more anxious about protecting their online privacy, according to new research covered in Adweek. And a study in the U.K. finds that fewer than half of Internet users trust companies with their personal information online, via The Drum.

-Online payments firm Adyen reports that tablets are becoming the default device for high-value purchases, via GigaOm.

The Wall Street Journal checks in on efforts by some hotels to turn smartphones into room keys.

-A slew of new online-news ventures are cropping up, and inevitably driving down the price of ads on these sites, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-The Pew Research Center measures public opinion around the world on whether the growing number of older people is a problem.

-Ahead of the upcoming Toy Fair in New York, a look at some of this year’s toy trends, via MediaPost.

The Business of Fashion takes a look at how “emerging designers are growing their brands on the backs of the biggest stars.”

-More fashion brands are partnering with sports stars and musicians, reports the FT.

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