The Mindful Revolution, text messages that could smell like curry, farming in Africa

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-A Quartz column headlined “Soon your text messages could smell like curry” spotlights the intersection of scent technology and digital tech.

-An FT special report takes a look at The World in 2014, from economics and politics to health care and architecture.

-In line with Mindful Living, one of our 10 Trends for 2014, Time‘s cover story examines the “The Mindful Revolution.”

-The World Economic Forum publishes its 2014 Global Risk matrix, via Businessweek.

-The FT spotlights some forecasts from a new book that gathers economists’ thoughts on the world in 100 years.

The Economist reports that “the gold rush may be over” for multinationals in China.

-An Oxfam report outlines the issue of global inequality, via The Guardian.

-The FT’s special report on African Farming includes a look at how global companies are helping to boost small farmers on the continent.

-In line with Telepathic Technology, one of our trends for 2014, NPR takes a look at new devices that enable users to control objects with brain power.

The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham takes a look at our progress toward “the home of tomorrow” as smart devices proliferate.

-A new study predicts an 80 percent decline in Facebook users over the next three years—but Adweek and others say the argument is flimsy.

-A Pew study finds strong growth in Facebook use among U.S. seniors, while teen usage stagnates, via The Washington Post. But GlobalWebIndex’s new Social Report shows that while teens love Instagram, they’re not abandoning Facebook, explains GigaOm.

-While mobile commerce and payments are “heating up fast” in China, mobile advertising lags well behind, reports Ad Age.

-Luxury brands are finally getting savvier about mobile commerce, with a particular focus on tablets, per The New York Times.

-As tablet adoption skyrockets, retail marketers must get smarter on tablet commerce, reports The Drum.

-Citing the inaugural live stream from the Sundance Film Festival, a Huffington Post blogger argues that live video is “the hot new Web trend.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that organic-food marketers are trying to push further into the mainstream by converting “dabblers” into more consistent customers.

Bloomberg takes a look at how the big-name beer brands are faring as they battle microbrewers in the craft category.

-An FT special report surveys the state of the watches and jewelry market.

-A Wall Street Journal video segment discusses why the move toward un-retouched photos is good for brands.

-Big Tobacco is “running out of puff,” reports The Economist, as ever more trends work against the cigarette companies.

-More pricey “masstige” skin- and hair-care products are popping up at retail chains like Target, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-We recently pointed to the mainstreaming of the “Brooklyn beard,” a phenomenon that continues to impact razor sales, via the FT.

-In “Sex and the Single Tween,” Newsweek argues that our over-sexualized culture has given rise to a “generation of girls racing toward womanhood before even finishing puberty.”

The Economist spotlights the issue of weak security for smart devices.

-The FT examines the “bleak picture” of youth unemployment and how governments and others are trying to address the enduring issue.


Image Credit: Quartz