Digital devices present marketers with a new range of challenges and opportunities.

Today, Americans own on average four digital devices, and two-thirds of households have a smartphone, per Nielsen. These devices are becoming integrated into the TV-viewing experience, presenting marketers with a new set of challenges and opportunities. According to The Digital Consumer, a new report from Nielsen, a wide majority (84 percent) of American smartphone and tablet owners report using mobile—and especially the tablet—as a second screen while watching TV. This activity may or may not be related to the show, ranging from checking sports scores to monitoring social media chatter about the program.

The tablet stands out as being a much more appealing platform for online shopping, ahead of the smartphone by 22 points. For basic messaging (texting or emailing) about the program at hand, however, people tend to use a smartphone. As second screening becomes the norm, we’ll see more brands creating complementary experiences, with content syncing across devices and TV spots leading customers to mobile purchasing opportunities. For more, see our 2012 report 10 Ways Marketers Are Using the Second Screen. Also check out Mobile Marketing’s “Top 10 second-screen mobile campaigns of 2013” for more recent examples.