Coverage of SXSWi included reports on marketers’ focus on the Internet of Everything while Ad Age spotlights inclusive campaigns.

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-Coverage of SXSWi included reports on marketers’ focus on the Internet of Everything, in Mashable; the increasingly international makeup of the scene, in The New York Times; the rising focus on technology and health care, in The Wall Street Journal; the emergence of television as a hot topic, per Quartz; and the tech conference’s evolution into an “all-purpose capitalist carnival,” in New York.

-A new Boston Consulting Group report examines African consumers and their attitudes toward brands, spending and the media.

The Economist argues that “the technology behind bitcoin could support a revolution in the way people own and pay for things.”

Ad Age spotlights the U.S. trend toward more diversity and inclusiveness in mass-market ad campaigns.

Time reports that advertising’s depiction of mothers is getting more nuanced.

The Drum argues that brands must think more visually as image search becomes more mainstream.

-The FT takes a look at marketing’s shift away from focus groups in favor of social media monitoring.

Fortune explores what’s behind the remarkable growth in sales of menswear.

The New York Times Jenna Wortham takes a look at how Instagram is evolving into a “modern-day bazaar.”

The Drum looks at how advances in voice technology could “reboot the way we access information.”

-On the web’s 25th anniversary, a look back at how it has revolutionized the way we travel, in The Guardian.

-Since so much time on smartphones is spent in apps, Google is seeking ways to stay relevant on mobile, as The Wall Street Journal reports.

Slate spotlights the rise in plastic surgery among young women, noting that “now social media [not glossy magazines] makes young girls hate themselves.”

The New York Times looks at “the youngest technorati”: the rise of Gen Z entrepreneurs with formidable tech skills and ideas to match.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the explosion in coding courses for kids and adults alike.

-An FT special report examines online learning and how MOOCs are changing education.

-A Guardian column takes a look at the rise of privacy as “both a mainstream concern and a lucrative business opportunity.”

-Conventional wisdom that girls will watch TV shows about boys but not vice versa is proving to be wrong, Slate reports.

-As the TV business shifts, networks are relying on niche rather than broadly appealing sitcoms, per Vulture.

-Vicarious dining is big in South Korea, with viewers flocking to web and broadcast shows featuring people eating, via The Wall Street Journal.

The Atlantic takes a look at why Americans are showing declining interest in frozen meals.

-British beer tastes are changing, according to The Guardian, shifting away from lagers and toward craft and artisan brands.

-With more gay marriages taking place, jewelers are starting to market to same-sex couples, reports The Wall Street Journal.


Image credit: Fast Company