“Mipsterz”: young, hip and edgy Muslims who are paving the way for a new era of Muslim integration.

A new report out from JWT’s Brand Intelligence MENA spotlights the growing cultural phenomenon of “Mipsterz”: young, hip and edgy Muslims who are paving the way for a new era of Muslim integration rather than imposing their values onto the world. Through their non-partisan swagger and ability to merge faith and fun (see, for instance, a British Muslim version of Pharrell’s “Happy” video), they’re breaking the monolithic stereotype of Islam as a symbol of archaism and oppression. While the Mipster subculture has just come to light in the West, according to the report, a New Age Muslim has been growing steadily in the Middle East and North Africa (and in Egypt particularly), fueled by a young, progressive and tech savvy Millennial Arab—a minority soon to become a mainstream cultural phenomenon.

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This phenomenon is also a manifestation of one of our 10 Trends for 2014, Remixing Tradition: the idea that traditions around the world are rapidly being remixed, updated and re-examined. As the report notes, Mipsterz are highly in-vogue and appearance-conscious, integrating traditional dress codes through stylish hijabs and gutsy attire to conjure up striking looks. (We posted about modern style among young Muslims back in February.)

Browse “In the Name of Faith and Fun,” which explores this hipster subculture and what it means for brands, on Slideshare.