10 breakthrough technologies for 2014, Millennials are very careful, frugal shoppers, and the rise of “hijab couture."

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The Economist spotlights the rise of “hijab couture” and designers that are profiting from more fashion-conscious Muslims.

MIT Technology Review spotlights 10 breakthrough technologies for 2014.

Time presents its annual “100 Most Influential People in the World” list.

The New York Times reports that America’s middle class is no longer the world’s richest as income inequality worsens.

-An Economist cover story argues that as the world’s population gets older, we’ll see a wider divide between the well-educated well-off and the unskilled poor. The magazine also examines “demography, growth and inequality.”

Wired spotlights trust and the sharing economy, noting that “Many of these companies have us engaging in behaviors that would have seemed unthinkably foolhardy as recently as five years ago.” Meanwhile, The Economist examines the “boom and backlash” surrounding the sharing economy.

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at why more Italian women are forgoing motherhood.

The Atlantic posits that “the future of luxury is avoiding people,” as new services “help keep the new aristocracy away from the rabble.”

N+1 reviews trends in office design. 

Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at a study that finds Millennials are very careful, frugal shoppers.

The Guardian discusses “why advertisers are getting Millennial men all wrong.”

Gallup reports that college costs are by far the top financial challenge that young Americans say they face today. 

ReadWrite examines why mobile payments still have a long way to go.

The Guardian reports on the rise of image-recognition apps for fashion retailers.

Newsweek reports that apps will be able to read our brain activity in order to enhance performance.

Bloomberg Businessweek looks at how Google and Facebook are fighting for the future of tech.

The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo reports on new hearing aids that point to a “bionic future of disability devices.”

NPR highlights the growing presence of transgender characters on television.

-A Forbes columnist outlines why “Google Screwed Up Google Glass.”

-More than half of Americans over age 55 who are mobile subscribers now have a smartphone, reports Nielsen

-An Adweek infographic shows the differences between how Canadians and Americans use their cellphones.

-An infographic charts how our tech addiction “[wreaks] havoc on our sleep patterns,” via Time.

The Wall Street Journal says the “shelfie”—pictures of artfully arranged objects—is Instagram’s next craze.


Image credit: Saverah Fashion Weekend