“Revolution in money,” new approaches to intimacy, commitment and hooking up, and the growing popularity of fake meat.

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-A New York Times section on the future of money includes a look at a potential “revolution in money,” the credit card of tomorrow and the bank branch of the future.

-Americans are becoming less likely to identify as middle class, reports the AP.

-As sales of consumer staples stall in the U.S., brands are resorting to aggressive promotions, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-A Wired columnist muses on “Why Privacy Is Actually Thriving Online.”

-A new report examines macro trends that will drive growth in the travel industry over the next decade.

-In its Women’s Issue, Adweek spotlights women’s TV-viewing habits and how they grocery shop.

-Cheaper smartphone brands are making gains around the world and improving in quality, as The Economist reports.

The Guardian considers why wearable tech isn’t taking off as expected.

-China is experiencing a “breakup boom,” reports Businessweek, with divorce on the rise over the past decade.

Rolling Stone explores “Millennials’ Sexual Revolution” and new approaches to intimacy, commitment and hooking up.

-The #AfterSex selfie is the latest in Instagram trends, via Time.

Adweek ponders whether Millennials are all that different from older generations.

-The shift to more visual communication has led to adults “intentionally simplifying their online language while inflating their emotional response,” argues a New York Times writer.

The New York Times examines a trend we’ve been noting for a while: the growing popularity of fake meat among both consumers and investors.

-New data shows that mobile video viewing has skyrocketed over the last three years and will only continue to grow, reports Fast Company.

YPulse takes a look at the latest ways in which vending machines are being reimagined.

-New data shows that the diet soda business is in steep decline, via The Wall Street Journal.

Flurry releases its latest study on how people spend their time within mobile devices.

Adweek looks at why some e-commerce sites are now moving into print, with magazines and catalogs.

The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo takes a look at virtual reality and potential applications for Oculus-type headsets.

Fox News spotlights the advent of “healthy” alcoholic beverages.

-A National Gardening Association report finds that many more Americans are growing their own food, especially Millennials.


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