The post-television world, the slow adoption of the mobile wallet, China's income inequality gap

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-With the NewFronts taking place in New York, the IAB’s Randall Rothenberg writes in Adweek that “marketers must embrace the transition into the post-television world.” The Economist and The New York Times take a look at the various established media players that are betting big on online video.

-A new report finds that China’s income-inequality gap is one of the widest in the world, as Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

-An FT special report takes a look at the rising danger of cyber espionage and crime, and its impact on business.

The New York Times reports on slow adoption of the mobile wallet, noting that “a feeling is growing that mobile payments systems will not replace traditional wallets, at least anytime soon.”

The Economist spotlights the trend toward same-day delivery among online retailers. 

-With more parents making their own baby food, The New York Times takes a look at how baby food brands are trying to stop sales declines. 

-As men take on more household shopping, Nielsen spotlights some differences and similarities between male and female shoppers.

-More high-end retailers are opening stores in outlet malls, reports the LA Times.

-Arty, independent shops in Berlin are being edged out by international brands, reports The FT. 

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the latest “high-high tech” features that developers are adding to futuristic luxury homes.

TechCrunch reports that “ambient proximity is the next phase of location sharing.”

-A new study finds that a majority of American tweens now use the Internet daily, via eMarketer.

The FT reports on the advent of “white-collar robots” in schools, hospitals and offices.

Quartz spotlights which jobs will be most affected by robots.

-A Unesco study finds that mobile phones are driving a “reading revolution” in the developing world, via The Independent. 

The New Yorker looks at efforts to make wearable tech more wearable.

-A new study lists 12 cities that are up-and-coming on the luxury real-estate market, via The Wall Street Journal.