Americans on average are spending more time with mobile devices than desktop computers.

Over the past year, Americans on average started spending more time with mobile devices than desktop computers—significantly more time, as this chart from comScore shows. But according to comScore’s latest study, it’s not that Americans are using their desktops any less (usage actually grew by 1 percent), it’s that time spent with digital media overall has increased—by as much as 24 percent in the past year. (Indeed, as eMarketer notes in reporting on a different study, “People are pretty much glued to technology 24/7.”)

Data point_08.25.14

The jump in engagement with mobile has been driven by rising use of apps, which now account for a majority of time spent with digital media, comScore finds. The study details Americans’ app-usage habits, finding that most people don’t acquire new apps regularly—two-thirds of smartphone users didn’t download any apps in a month. The winners so far are few: Google and Facebook own all but one (Pandora) of the top eight most-used apps.

comScore notes that despite the engagement seen on apps, they haven’t attracted the ad dollars that the audience would seem to warrant. It doesn’t help that apps have not always been brand-friendly, although that’s changing with new ideas like “chatvertising.” Meanwhile, given that mobile commerce mostly takes place outside of apps, as a Recode columnist points out, retailers and other brands must focus on all aspects of the mobile experience.