Canadians are increasingly eager to pay by mobile but are frustrated by roadblocks.

Canadians are increasingly eager to pay by mobile but are frustrated by the roadblocks: sites that are not mobile friendly, submitting payment details, keeping track of several passwords, etc. According to a recent global study from PayPal, more than half of all Canadians have used their mobile devices for online purchases, surpassing their American neighbors. In fact, Canadians would use their smartphones to pay more often if it were possible, creating a void for retailers to fill. Canadians are frustrated that companies are not keeping up with their rapid adoption of mobile payment: One in four wants to pay more easily with their phones, and almost half (48 percent) say they would use their devices more often if everyone accepted online or mobile payments. Points of frustration for one in three Canadians include submitting payment details or keeping track of passwords or PINs. More than half of consumers are aggravated by hidden charges and taxes revealed at checkout, and registration requirements deter many shoppers too.

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Brands are recognizing and responding to these consumer sentiments. In July, Visa introduced Visa Checkout in the U.S., Canada and Australia, intended as an easy and secure payment service that works on any device and in a few clicks. Enrolling is intuitive and simple, and once shoppers provide their information, they simply input a username and password to complete payment on the merchant’s website. Meanwhile PayPal is touting its own payment services in response to consumer behavior shifts, encouraging trial on mobile by offering Torontonians a cup of free coffee last month. Retailers must prioritize their responsive m-commerce platforms alongside their e-commerce ones in order to ensure seamless mobile experiences as more and more Canadians reach for their phones over their wallets.