How EDM, drugs, and Millennials are saving the music business, the global economy struggles, our "closed-off" lives

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The Wall Street Journal reports that except for a few bright spots like the U.S. and the U.K., the global economy is struggling.

The New York Times reports on the state-to-state migration of Americans since 1990, exploring the influence on economy, politics and culture.

NPR chronicles Africa’s population growth, summarizing a UNICEF report forecasting that the continent’s population will hit 4 billion by 2100.

-“Here is everything you need to know about the Millennial consumer,” via Adweek.

Maclean’s examines “The End of Neighbors” and why “increasingly closed-off lives” are bad for both politics and health.

-A report on the state of social relationships in the U.K. finds that “social isolation is rife,” as The Independent reports.

-Entrepreneur Tom Blomfield writes about the “World of Everything-As-A-Service,” via TechCrunch.

The New York Times examines the evolution of the social media obituary in light of reactions to Robin Williams’ death.

-“People Are Pretty Much Glued to Technology 24/7,” per a new U.S. study spotlighted by eMarketer.

Business Insider looks at how Millennials’ growing penchant to rent instead of buy is challenging the retail industry.

The Washington Post explores how virtual reality could be the next big thing in Hollywood.

-Anonymous apps are gaining favor with brand advertisers, reports Adweek.

Fast Company looks at how brands are using Snapchat, now the third most popular app with Millennials.

The New York Times explores the idea that “What Cars Did for Today’s World, Data May Do for Tomorrow’s.”

-“Banking institutions are in a race to provide the newest online and mobile features to their users, as retail banking branches lose their relevance fast,” reports Business Insider.

-New data shows a spike in unmarried American women age 35-plus who are having children, via The Wall Street Journal.

-Connected health care growth is driving the adoption of health and wellness devices, reports Huffington Post.

-Soon, Indians will outnumber Americans online thanks to cheaper smartphones flooding the market, reports Quartz.

-The agricultural company Deere & Co. forecasts the future of global agriculture, via Business Insider.

Businessweek spotlights the superfoods boom.

-Americans are eating fewer potatoes, thanks in part to a growing distaste for carbs, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-Cereal has fallen out of favor with Americans as they go gluten free, drop sugar and skip breakfast altogether, reports Adweek.

-Food marketers are selling more products in clear packaging for shoppers who want to see what they’re getting, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal explores “How different foods go from trash to treat to trite.”

The New York Times declares, “Print is down, and now out.”

USA Today examines how TV networks are taking new tacks with ads in the DVR-VOD era.

-“Publishers turn to the crowd to find the next best seller,” writes The New York Times.

The Guardian reports on the rise of gender-neutral fashion.

Nielsen analyzes how multicultural consumers are shaping how Americans buy and share music.

-“Drug-fueled, EDM-obsessed Millennials are saving the music business,” reports Quartz.

New York Times Magazine spotlights the rise of “beefcake yoga.”