Mobile gaming has become a global pastime.

With close to a quarter of the world’s population forecast to be using smartphones this year, the mobile device is becoming a hub for an array of everyday activity, from shopping to video viewing to gaming. Mobile analytics company Flurry calls gaming “the lingua franca of mobile,” noting that mobile gaming has become a global pastime, with Android gamers engaging in the activity for an average of 37 minutes a day. (American gamers spend the most time—almost 52 minutes a day on average—followed by Germans and Russians.)

Data point_09.29.14

Flurry reports that arcade/action and casual games dominate, although regions differ in interesting ways. As this graphic shows, Germans and Italians stand out for their love of brain and puzzle games, with Flurry noting that word games are particularly popular in Italy. By contrast, around three-quarters of gaming sessions in South Korea involve arcade and action games, with most people playing within the Kakao messaging app. And Brazilians focus on fantasy football (aka soccer) games.

We’ll see more and more companies lean into the global mobile games market, which one study has estimated will double in size between 2013 and 2016, reaching almost $24 billion in another two years. Chinese Internet giant Tencent, for instance, is reportedly building its business on mobile gaming. As mobile consumers spend more time with games, brands will increasingly look to mobile games as the next advertising medium, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported.