Apple Pay’s arrival may be the tipping point in consumers’ adoption of the mobile wallet, HBOGo's influence

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-Apple Pay’s arrival may be the tipping point in consumers’ adoption of the mobile wallet, reports The New York Times.

The Economist, the FT and New York all explore how the U.S. TV business is changing as HBO unbundles its service and others follow suit.

-With a proliferation of smart-home products now on the market, The New York Times looks at how marketers are seeking to get connected-home gear onto holiday shopping lists.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that free mobile data may be the next “free shipping.”

MIT Technology Review examines technology’s role in the widening gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. and Europe.

The New York Times explores competitive video gaming in South Korea, where it has become a big part of mainstream culture.

TechCrunch reports that travel, retail and entertainment apps are gaining steam, “quickly becoming the new app store heavyweights.”

The Guardian covers a few sci-fi ideas that are slowly becoming reality.

Popular Science explores the effort to turn robots into companions, asking, “Will your next best friend be a robot?”

-A new Pew study examines the prevalence and types of online harassment.

-A blogger for The Huffington Post asks, Are Millennials too poor for parenthood?

-As part of its New Boom series, NPR reports that some Millennials are slow to cut the cord with their parents.

-American college graduates continue to prefer urban areas, and a new study looks at which ones they’re gravitating toward, via The New York Times.

-With many American Millennials unable to get a mortgage or reluctant to do so, developers are focused on building homes for this rental generation, reports The New York Times.

-A series of National Geographic charts spotlight “What the World Eats.”

The Economist spotlights the rise and rise of the gluten-free category.

Harpers Bazaar reports on the insect-eating trend.

Newsweek explores the YouTube-celeb phenomenon and the idea that “stardom through the webcam isn’t a passing fad.”

-“Forecasting the Internet’s impact on business is proving hard,” writes The Economist.

Fast Company reports on activity trackers for “the quantified pet.”

-As more museums crowdsource the curation of their shows and even the content, The Wall Street Journal reports that “the roles of the museum and the artist are getting rethought.”

-“Is 2014 the year the platinum album dies?” via The Guardian.

-For today’s bride-to-be, there’s no longer much need for or interest in a wedding shower, as Racked reports.


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