More people are turning to social clubs instead of social media and “Is 3-D food printing the next microwave?”

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The Boston Globe asks, “Is 3-D food printing the next microwave?”

-Based on Advertising Week discussions, Mashable outlines five big trends in advertising right now.

Adweek’s mobile-focused series, aligned with Advertising Week, includes a look whether mobile can rule the ad world.

-An Economist special report on the effects of the digital revolution (“the third great wave”) includes a look at the “sweeping change” felt in labor markets around the globe and the idea that “development through industrialization is on its way out.”

The New York Times predicts “a new era at the cash register” with Apple Pay set to launch soon and eBay spinning off PayPal to better compete.

CNBC outlines how media and entertainment is becoming more “immersive, interactive and customized.”

-As more people use their phones to record seemingly everything, a countertrend—determination to better live in the moment—is building, observes The New York Times.

-More people are turning to social clubs to find the face-to-face interaction that social media is lacking, writes The New York Times.

McKinsey examines why more than 60 percent of the world’s population remains offline and how to address this imbalance.

The Atlantic argues that our relationship to ownership will undergo a “wild transformation” with the Internet of Things.

Fast Company‘s Co.Create takes a look at how a future of virtual assistants—in the guise of wearables—will disrupt marketing.

-Microsoft’s chief envisioning officer explores “The Rise of the Digital Human,” via The Drum.

-Wellness is doing well, with economists reporting the industry’s global worth at $3.4 trillion, writes Quartz.

The Economist looks at a new book that dissects the state of the American family and the new “Generation Unbound.”

-The L.A. Times looks at how the proliferation of huge (and hugely popular) shopping malls is changing Brazil.

-Retailers are increasingly looking for seasonal help who closely reflect their brand and aesthetic, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The Atlantic examines why “statement socks” have become so big in menswear.

-A study from Mitek, which specializes in mobile bank deposits, explores how Millennials feel about their phones and using them for commerce, via USA Today.

The Washington Post looks at how Kraft and other food companies are retooling to better target male grocery shoppers.

Nielsen reports on global growth in snacking.

Ad Age takes a look at how Big Beer is fighting the marked decline in interest from Millennials.

-The beauty industry is focusing on products that protect skin from the effects of air pollution, per The Wall Street Journal.

TNW examines why domestic-services startups like Handy and Homejoy are taking off this year.

The Guardian covers the “clothing bin wars” between charities like Goodwill, retailers like H&M and “rogue operators” seeking used clothing.

-Traditional autumn leaf-peeping is becoming a lot more adventurous for some tourists, reports The New York Times.