Businessweek suggests “the budget mobile era” has arrived as mobile devices lose their novelty and start becoming commoditized.

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-An Adweek infographic covers data from our latest trend report, “The Future of Payments & Currency.”

-JWT’s APAC CEO, Tom Doctoroff, dispels five marketing myths of the digital era, via The Huffington Post.

Businessweek suggests that “the budget mobile era” has arrived as mobile devices lose their novelty and start becoming commoditized.

New York explores the “Alex from Target” phenomenon and our age of “uncontrollable fame.”

-Intel discusses new technologies and developments for 2015, via The Wall Street Journal.

-A Guardian columnist considers the future of tech and observes, “Now that everyone owns a smartphone, technology’s advances will be imperceptible.”

-Water scarcity, quality and regulations are a growing business issue, although many companies remain oblivious, reports The Economist.

The New York Times Nick Bilton considers reasons to fear the advent of artificial intelligence.

-A Businessweek illustration outlines the coming wave of virtual reality headsets.

-American women are watching disproportionately less traditional TV, reports Ad Age.


The Wall Street Journal reports on whether marketers need a podcast strategy as shows like “Serial” attract sizable audiences. And Marketplace Morning Report spotlights the growth in listeners and profits for podcasts.

-According to Forrester research, digital will overtake TV ad spending in the U.S. within two years, via Ad Age.

Ozy takes a look at how (perhaps counterintuitively) Millennials are helping to keep brick-and-mortar shopping going.

-As Millennials become the majority workforce, Fast Company examines a new report covering the potential impact on businesses.

-Charitable giving is making a comeback in the U.S. post-recession, driven in part by Millennial giving, reports The New York Times.

-“The ‘meh’ generation taps into the zeitgeist of cultural dullness,” writes The New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman.

The New York Times takes a look at how Uber is changing L.A. nightlife and residents’ social habits.

CNN’s Virtual Think Tank focuses on Asia’s booming cosmetics market.

-The FT focuses on how automakers are retooling for older drivers.

Time covers the new crop of startups targeting seniors.

Quartz looks at the Internet’s slow evolution away from English dominance.

Business Insider spotlights key trends for American supermarkets.

-An anticipated baby boom following changes in China’s one-child policy has not materialized, reports The Wall Street Journal.

CNN discusses why more American adults are living with roommates.

-More hotels are enabling smartphones to serve as keys and an alternative way to check in, reports The New York Times.

-Toys packed with advanced technology will dominate Christmas lists, reports The Telegraph.

-The AP reports on how toy makers are enlisting tween YouTube stars to try their products.

The New Yorker takes a look at the performance revolution in athletics and beyond.

-Business schools are adding programs focused around big data analytics, reports The Wall Street Journal.

-Bigger players will soon start eclipsing the small companies currently prominent in the marijuana market, reports The Economist.

The Wall Street Journal spotlights how and why paper maps are enduring in a digital, geolocation-enabled world.