The Future 100 features a new look, new format and new feel.

As we race to the finish line of 2014, we’re also starting to look to what’s next. At JWTIntelligence, our 10 Trends and later 100 Things to Watch have traditionally marked this transition. This year, in the spirit of newness—new branding, new CEO, new worldwide director of JWTIntelligence (that’s me)—we’re switching things up a little.

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An evolution of JWTIntelligence’s flagship 100 Things to Watch, The Future 100 is coming out several weeks ahead of its traditional release. As you’ll see, it features a new look, new format and new feel. We are grouping items by themes, such as brands, luxury, culture and technology. And connecting the dots between the “what” and “why,” we’ve included a “Why it’s interesting” analysis with each item.

JWTIntelligence’s 10 Trends report will be published and available for purchase immediately after the holiday break, on Jan. 5. The report will celebrate a decade of 10 Trends forecasts at JWT, identifying 10 of the most important macro trends we’ve spotted since the report launched, from De-Teching (2011) to Everything Is Retail (2013) to Cooperative Consumption (2008). These trends, which are essentially shaping the decade, have been written from a 2015-and-beyond perspective and are underpinned with JWT SONAR™ data across 12 markets.

Looking forward to the future!