Outerknown is aiming for a sophisticated accessible-luxury collection that’s aligned with a “coastal lifestyle.”

Surfing is experiencing a renaissance, as we point out in our new Future 100 report for 2015: It’s now the ultimate mind-body pursuit for Silicon Valley CEOs, urban professionals and anyone seeking to unplug and be at one with the elements. Luxury brands are tapping into surfing’s new cachet—a recent Chanel No. 5 ad features a surfing Gisele Bündchen on a Chanel-branded board. And hip lifestyle surf retailers are cropping up (Saturdays or Pilgrim in New York City, for instance), along with niche luxury brands such as Finisterre in the U.K. Launching next year, Outerknown is a line from surf champion Kelly Slater in tandem with menswear designer John Moore; French luxury holding company Kering owns a minority stake.

Outerknown is staking its claim on sustainability and transparency, and a broad vision of what a surf brand can be—aiming for a sophisticated accessible-luxury collection that’s aligned with a “coastal lifestyle,” as Moore puts it in a Business of Fashion interview. Kering is lending its expertise in the drive to create a sustainable supply chain. According to BoF, clothing will be made with organic cotton and hemp, regenerated Italian wool and recycled fishing nets—but no denim, given its environmental impact.

Outerknown’s mission statement says its designers are striving to create more sustainable products, so watch for innovation in achieving sustainability. Patagonia, for instance, recently introduced wetsuits made with a new fiber from Yulex that’s a more sustainable alternative to neoprene. As surfing becomes seen as a way to connect to the elements, brands in this space will need to make environmental responsibility a key focus.

Image credit: Popmag